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Strength Training – Paper – Full Colour “BUY NOW”

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9 reviews for Strength Training – Paper – Full Colour “BUY NOW”

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  1. G.Ford

    The chapter about the “theory of muscular training” is simply outstanding

  2. Turner

    This book is a new dimension of what a book can be. Awesome those 300 videos explaining perfectly the performance

  3. Tulio

    Best book about muscle training exercises I’ve ever came across. I have it with me in my smartphone to the gym

  4. Marco

    First of all, I was very positively impacted by verifying that the author Óscar Morán really knows what he writes and communicates it in a precise, easy-to-read way without losing scientific rigor in any case.

    This book is a whole, it is a method from beginning to end. Congratulations to the author for the chapter on Muscle Training Theory. Black on white.

    Excellent idea to incorporate the videos. You see exactly what you have to do.

    The illustration is rigorously scientific. Each exercise, each muscle is made as they are and as they are inserted with other muscles. Well done Isabel de Arechabala.

    This work clearly has two ways to use it. On the one hand, learn, study, remember to underline with the pen. Paper version. On the other hand, there is the electronic version that allows you to take it with you on your phone to the gym.

    Unfortunately in only one platform it is possible to enjoy all the applicability of the book. Let me explain, you are reading, you click on the watch video icon and it opens. You click, close and continue reading where you were. Nice fix QR Codes. It is seen that the Pila Teleña publishing house knows what it is up to.

    Yes, I definitely recommend it and give it the well-deserved five stars.

  5. JHF

    This book has been an incredible surprise. Easy to read, complete exercises and very well explained. Now with the covid 19 it is a great opportunity to exercise at home and be able to do the exercises correctly. The best, the alternatives it offers for each exercise

  6. Maika

    Great quality in texts and illustrations

  7. Tolkien Walker

    Fantastic book. Very well documented. Great explanations including all the graphical support. If you want to be fit, this is your guide.

  8. David F. Cauble

    This book is so well organized that it is easy to go directly to in-depth information on the muscle groups you want to strengthen. The illustrations are very detailed and the videos, accessible via QR codes in the appendix (Kindle versión) guide you easily through proper exercise techniques. Well-written and helpful!

  9. Carlos Camara

    Excellent work. For both beginners and experts. Rigorous and enjoyable.

    Verified purchase

    Excellent book for anyone interested in considering improving their fitness level, regardless of their starting point. Contains a large number of exercises to work the different muscle groups Each exercise is explained with great rigor and step by step, including recommendations and advice on mistakes to avoid in its performance. Very good illustrations that provide a lot of value for understanding the movements. Spectacular help provided by the more than 300 videos included in the work to understand the functionality and optimal way to perform each exercise. Highly recommended and honest.

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